* Read the Official Rules. The rules will tell you how we will judge your short film and lots of other important information about who can enter and what you must agree to do (18+, US resident, etc.). Minimal lawyer-talk, maximum importance, so please: READ THE RULES.

* You're going to help us to educate the public about the need to protect and preserve our oceans, waves and beaches. Every day a beach suffers the adverse effects of reckless trash and waste disposal. Every day a beach is closed because polluted water makes the ocean unsafe to enter. Every year a coastline recedes a bit more from overdevelopment and erosion. Had enough? Want to help stem this negative tide? Then help get the message in the open by making a short public service announcement (PSA) to inform, influence, instigate, incite and inspire change in your world. This is your chance to share your VIEW in a shirt film. We think unleashing YOU on this challenge may be the ticket to inspire others to get involved with issues plaguing our coastlines.

* You don't need to explain the universe of ocean environmentalism in 30-to-60 seconds. Just nailing one piece of the story could be enough to win and help get the right message across.


- Work our logo, tagline, name or website address into your video (it's in the Rules). We want people to learn more about project BLUE and
how purchasing responsibly will help Surfrider Foundation. This will
tip them off to where they can learn more and get involved.

- The theme for this short film initiative is "buy a better future"
- Short film should be no longer than: 60 seconds

* Make us think, make us laugh, or surprise us! Your video can be fictional, autobiographical, animated, full of facts, etc. Look: if we knew what the perfect video would include, we'd just film it and keep the prizes for ourselves, so we are looking to you for inspiration.

* People of all ages will view your video: so no cuss words or nudity!

* Before you can win a prize you'll have to agree to let us use your name in promotional materials. So if you are in the Witness Protection Program, you may not want to enter this contest.

* The Grand Prize is a trip to Costa Rica for two including airfare and accommodations for 5 days. Other Finalists will get products from our project BLUE partners. Not to mention bragging rights, publicity and the heartfelt thanks of the Surfrider Foundation and the surf community.

* Have fun, and thanks for helping to make a difference.

* Ready to go? Register here for the VIEW Short Film Contest.

* (And when you are done with that, be sure to make your way over to the Surfrider Foundation website to see what this organization is doing for our coastlines all over the world)

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