Looking for ways to get involved?

  • Send your friends an environmentally themed e-card from the National Resource Defense Council.

    Set your computer to go into sleep mode during periods of non-use during the day.

    Love coffee? Buy an insulated, reusable mug. It’ll keep your coffee hotter, longer and many coffee shops offer discounts if you bring in your own container.

    Wash only full loads in your dishwasher and air dry whenever possible.

    Support one of the many non-profits that make up the Surf Industry Manufacturers Environmental Fund.

    Leaving the room? Don’t forget to turn off the lights!

    Get too many catalogs in the mail? Go to Catalog Choice and cut back.

    Just because a battery isn’t good for your smoke detector any longer, doesn’t mean it still can’t be used in another device. Save it for your TV remote or other similar gadgets.

    Sweep your driveway instead of hosing it down. This saves water and helps lessen the car waste that runs into our oceans.
    See some trash? Pick it up (and throw it out!).

    You may get a lot of junk mail, but that paper can be used for something else. Backs of envelopes can make for the perfect place to keep grocery lists.

    Don’t preach to your friends, but lead by example.

    On Facebook, Twitter or MySpace? Make a post about project BLUE!

    Make sure to dispose of cigarettes and cigars properly. Don’t just flick them into the street.

    Keep blinds drawn when you can during the hot months. It’ll help save on your air conditioning needs.

    Support companies that make an effort to help our environment. Not just surf brands, but clothing companies, items you buy from the supermarket, etc.

    Join your local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

    Become our friend on Facebook and spread the word to your other friends!

    Little things make a big difference. Try to reduce where you can, whenever you can.

    Leaving the house? Turn off the lights!

    When you don’t need them, unplug electronic devices and appliances that drain power, even when not in use. Battery chargers, toasters, cell phone power cords and similar devices can usually be left unplugged. Every bit helps.

    When you get boxes in the mail, break them down and save them for shipping something else later.


    Get involved in your local beach cleanups.
    Click here for your nearest beach cleanup.

    Everytime you go to the beach pick up three pieces of trash. It dosent seem like much but it makes a huge difference

    Click here to find out more about pickup3.org